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Thoughtful Thursdays – On wants and needs

Wants based on incorrectly perceived needs can be a challenging sales barrier to overcome.

It has been a while since we have posted on the subject of wants and needs. Today’s thought is about resonding to your prospects perceived needs

Most sales people will sell their customers what they want. It is an easy way to keep them happy and make the sale. But what if you sense that what they want is based on a need that does not really exist?

How do you tell your prospect that what they want is not what they need in a way that is helpful and will be appreciated.

It begins with asking the right questions to confirm the needs. The answers to the questions may lead to the realization by the prospect that their needs might have been wrongly perceived.

The line of questions you use will depend on the situation, and will be built on foundation of trust that you know what you are talking about.

A customer who purchases a product or service they truly need instead of what they thought they wanted, will be happier than the one discovers that what they bought is not what they tought they needed.

Being transparent when sharing your thoughts and recommendations and basing those thoughts on your personal experiences will help overcome the sales barrier of a customer want based on incorrectly identified needs.

Good selling,

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