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Thoughtful Thursdays – Exceeding or not meeting expectations?

In general, people like it when their expectations are exceeded. That is one reason why there is pressure on suppliers to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Today’s thought is about being mindful of exceeding expectations.

Consider shipping product before your customer said they need it. Is this exceeding or not meeting expectations? One might think that receiving an order early is a good thing. What if your customer has scheduled production or intake of inventory based on the requested date? In that scenario, early shipment may actually cost your customer. For example, they may need to clear valuable space for the unexpected shipment.

Some will request deliveries the first day of the month. What are the implications when goods arrive a few days early? It may impact your customer’s cash flow position as a result of also being billed a few days earlier than expected.

In many cases, what the sales person thinks is exceeding expectations is actually not meeting expectations in the eyes of the customer.

Also consider the costs to your business for doing what appears to be doing the customer a favour.

There is a reason that your customer will give you a requested delivery date. Don’t get fooled into thinking that shipping ahead of that time will be better.

Check in with your customer before assuming that what you are planning to do will be appreciated in a positive way. Be sure that when you think you have exceeded expectations that your have inadvertently not met expectations.

Good selling,

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