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Thoughtful Thursdays – Doing a favour or giving it away?

Do you differentiate between giving it away and doing someone a favour? Maybe it is just words, but there is a huge difference in my books.

Before getting into the difference, my definition of giving it away is covering costs and not realizing a profit.

Only the customer wins when you give it away. That is why it bothers me when I see it happening. The promise of additional business or referrals is the usual most common justification for giving it away. What I read into it is that the customer has achieved their objective and the supplier has not. What’s worse is the lack of appreciation as a fee has been paid.

Doing someone a small favour, on the other hand, carries no expectations. It is unexpected by the customer very much appreciated because it is a gesture of kindness and good will.

You will get thanked for doing a favour and asked repeatedly to give it away.

Small favours pay bigger dividends than giving it away ever does.

Good selling,

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