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Thoughtful Thursdays – How sales has and has not changed

During the past twenty five years there have been numerous advancements and changes that have affected the sales function. Today’s Thoughtful Thursdays sales topic is about what has changed and what has remained the same,

I don’t expect many would argue that technology has had played major role in how people buy. The Internet has resulted in more educated buyers, an increase in supplier options, faster communication and of course there is the good, bad and ugly of social media.

The ability to post and access information quickly from what seems to be an endless number of sources has also opened the door wider for misinformation. With so much available to read, the saying, don’t believe everything you read may be more important than ever.

Technology has made it easier for those who prefer not to speak to others to make purchases. Are we forgetting about the needs of the customers who prefer to have person who prefers personal contact?

Tapping to pay has sped up the payment process. Electronic transfers have never been easier to make.

There are also things that have not changed in the buying process:

Technology will continue to advance and make the sales process more convenient for the buyer.

I expect the roll of the sales professional will always be there. For some products and services, I can not imagine it going away. Be vigilant and in tune with your customers needs. Use technology to help you make sales, not take them away. People still buy from people they like.

Good selling,

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