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Thoughtful Thursdays – Follow up to more help for the indecisive buyer

Helping the indecisive buyer is an ongoing Thoughtful Thursdays sales topic. Today’s follow up to the follow up adds a few more thoughts to the posts More help for the indecisive buyer and Helping the indecisive buyer.

When you encounter the indecisive buyer, your challenge is to determine the reason or reasons for their reluctance. Only then can you start working on removing the sales barriers and closing the sale.

Here are a few reasons that may be causing your prospect to be indecisive.

Review the steps in your sales process and look overlooked or incomplete steps. Listen intently and look closely for signals that may reveal the reason for their reluctance during your sales calls. Once you have identified the fear or fears, empathize with work on overcoming their fears. Be mindful that it is often a very difficult decision to change suppliers. You might be able to help your prospect justify the decision with their managers.

Do not be afraid to ask “Why?”

In some instances, there are underlying fears that delay the close. Once the fear is identified, the professional sales person will help their customer overcome the fear and get the sales process back on track. You may have to give your customer some leeway in order to save face. I have said many times before, put yourself in your customers shoes and think about how you would want to be treated.

In other cases, it will be more traditional selling skills such as reinforcing the value of buying your products. Your customer may have overlooked some of the requirements that need to be addressed.

Whichever the case, your customer will appreciate your help. As always, all things being equal, people buy from people they like.

Good selling,

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