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Thoughtful Thursdays – Feel like singing the sales blues?

The original version of this post appeared a five years ago and a recent client meeting promted me to repost it today.

From time to time we experience times when not much seems to be going our way. Orders are coming in can’t be filled on time or deliveries get screwed up through no fault of your own.

Targets that were supposed to close move out or projects get cancelled, again through no fault of your own. Your prospects tell you that the products and/or services you represent are inferior to the competition. Indeed, it can be very discouraging because it is never your fault.

What to do, what to do? It is easy to start singing the blues, and rationalizing the run of bad luck to anyone unfortunate enough to be in your line of fire. That may make one feel better in the short term, but the issue will still be there. Whether you are the business owner or a part of a large sales team, the fact is that the business is depending on your contribution to succeed and no amount of complaining will fix the situation. We all face sales challenges on a daily basis.

If you find yourself singing the sales blues, here is a sales tip: Try talking to the mirror. It won’t be long before the person in the mirror grows weary of listening to you and not surprisingly a new attitude will emerge. It will be one that is re-energized and ready to tackle sales challenges head-on with the passion and commitment that got you to where to are, and will take you to where you want to go.

Feeling the sales blues? Don’t sing, talk to the mirror, move on and start working on actions that will solve your issues.

Good selling,

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