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Thoughtful Thursdays – But it’s comfortable in here

Today’s Thoughtful Thursday topic is about a barrier to sales that involves doing what makes you feel comfortable at the expense of developing sales.

I expect that given choice, most would choose to enjoy a warm cozy feeling over one of cool uncertainty. As a matter of fact, people often seek out comfortable situations to avoid ones that may not be so inviting.

Successful sales professionals call this hiding under the covers. This behaviour can keep one from the sales calls they should be making. This form of sales call avoidance is a barrier to sales and can come in many forms.

Excessive networking with the same people with no results is one way to hide under the covers. Networking provides the perception that it is good for your business and the familiar faces will often provide the encouragement and validation that it is worthwhile. However, it you are not growing your list of prospects, you maybe fooling yourself.

Calling on prospects who appear to have good potential, but never seem to be able commit to working with you is another method. Conversation is good, however it never advances the past the initial stages of your sales cycle.

In order to help increase sales it is important to get out from under the covers and make the calls.

Embrace the uncertainty you will soon be celebrating the successes.

Good selling,

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